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Keep Your Tongue Safe

SmartThermals was created with the idea of enjoying our favorite hot beverages while avoiding the fate of a scalded tongue. We created an intelligent, powerful bottle that informs you about the temperature of your beverage keeping you informed all the time.


Powerful and Smart

The smart LED temperature display on each bottle is uniquely designed to give an accurate temperature reading of your favorite drink every single time. 

Unique Design

Each SmartThermal bottle has a five layer design to its build. This unique design keeps your drink warm for 6-12 hours while keeping the outside of the bottle at a safe temperature for you to hold safely.

Fun and Portable

The SmartThermal bottle has  fun and unique colorways that fits with any personality. With a size of 450 mL, it is small and compact so you can take it anywhere you go without taking up a lot of space.


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